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tv   FOX News Watch  FOX News  January 6, 2013 12:30pm-1:00pm PST

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to our kid and grand kids. now we have to be willing, truly willing to make this problem right. >> the reelected speaker of the house john bone bone addressing the 113th congress on thursday. part of a busy week for lawmakers and media. first the hoopla to avert the fiscal cliff and the outrage over a vote that didn't happen. >> disaster relief is something you don't play games with . now in the current atmosphere, everything is a subject of one upmanship and possibility of a fate for the political game and it is just why the american people hate congress. it is why they hate them. >> that was new jersey's governor chris christy one of the republicans that critized the fact that john bone bone's house of representative
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refused to hold a vote onll to n hurricane relief. they approved a smaller chunk on friday. 9.7 billion and promising to hold more votes and this is how the media jumped on that. newark star ledger. christy rips gop on sandy bill delay. from the philadelphia inquirer. christy, shame on congress. cnn, called it a bomb shell. is that too much dralm ajim? >> well, i mean, it works for christydoesn't it? the governor of new jersey set himself up as a figure looking down with mostly scorn at the democrats and republicans in terms of the middle of the country that feels anti-congress . not all that keen on president obama either it is a pretty good position. >> she - on he does have to
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run for reelection. >> the decision to delay the vote to make sure the money was well spent. bill kristol defended it. >> it is indefensible and we talk about well spent money, shut down the entire congress. come on, it was a political move and there was a response to a political move that was genuine not only by chris christy but pete king who said the same thing. disaster money should not be politicized. >> the point, justin critics of the bill said it was not all disaster relief. >> let it go to the floor. the speaker had an open vote and he could have done it here and they had the vote to pass it >> media mean seems to be that the gop was out of touch and divided. many judy , agree with that.
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was that the way the headlines were casting this thing. >> it is politics and from the headlines it was all politics and not substance. it was political. jim said it works for governor christy. it only works for governor christ i in new jersey. his campaign is in full swing. it was loaded with political give aways and not just relief. >> the fact that eric cantor voted on the fiscal cliff deal, he was a no vote and john bone bone voted for it obviously . the media were all over that. it was not just media. it was pointed out that cantor tweeted that he was going to vote for it and then 24 hours later he voted against it eric said it is not liberal
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confusion, it is the fact that the republicans are confused. over arching focus of the vote it was gop in disarray. it is what didn't get done in the fiscal cliff deal. if i can watch jim's word. it is a political story that comes out of the debacle. one column was thoughtful by robert samuelson who said it is it a failure of presidential leadership. the president was not talking at all about the fact that the country was. >> it wasia financial store foreand fot political. >> no. >> no it is it about taxes and budget. we should have had financial reporters covering it political reporters all they did was talk about sparring
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and who is up and down. new york times coverage was all politics and atrocious. >> we saw a gop scis'm . cantor wanted to vote for it and boehner was against it and this is it the latest example we saw the house vote. and lib ramedia versus gun owners. it is nbc david gregory takes main stream media arrogance to a new level and showing a large capacity gun clip on air . publishing of names and addresses of gun owners; is that their job?
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>> i am a man who follows the rule of law. we are not talking about the rule of law anymore. we are talking about endangering our citizens. these laws were written 30 years ago. 30 years ago we didn't have computers and facebook and we didn't have social media and we certainly doesn't have google maps and that's what broke the camem's back on this request. >> the clerk for new york's putnam county standing firm on his position not to release names and addresses of resident in his countiy that have lel pistol permits. he denied the request from the news. they had already shown the names and applications of permit owners in other counties. the action that the paper
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pulled got a lot of reaction. >> is it it their job or just to make headlines? >> they could be liberal crusaders or deserate for attention by making them famous. >> as they were saying, the notion of public records changes when it translates in the world wide web and media and tweeting. these are things that every issue of who votes and pay taxes and mentally ill have to be rethought through and it can go from one to many instantly. >> they have legal permits to possess a weapon. it is not a gun rights debate but a privacy debate. does the media know the difference? >> there is it also a doublentlied sword here. i live in palm springs. i am nervous that they print i don't have a gun i am in
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jeopardy. i need a gun permit to show up that my house is armed. there are people that want to target the houses of those who don't have guns. >> judy your thoughts. >> i think the newspaper did what it did. it was faulted in not provided the context. why remember they doing this and what were they hoping to show? were they showing the school teachers or earedinary citizens. it was not clear and what pointer was saying we need more information and not less. public information and a newspaper doesn't have the right to publish it. they do. >> in 2008, a memphis newspaper published the names and upon zip codes of owners and two researchers did a follow up on the impact . the results, they noted. crimes more likely to be affected by knowledge of gun ownership and burglaries
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increased more scig cantly after the database was published in zip codes with fewer gun permits. does that surprise you. >> if it is public record the paper has the right. but this is about responsibility. this is it antagonistic and reminiscent of the european who publish the cartoons of muhammad and then surprised about the public cry. >> there was a colume by donald call. madder than hell and i am not take it anymore program for ending gun violence. he proposes repealing the second amendment and suggested tying our esteemed republican leaders to the back of a chevy pick up truck and drag them around the parking lot and until they saw the light. >> did you see the media outrage? >> i didn't.
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they should experiment with the cold dead hands . he was saying we'll murder all gun owners who don't register the guns according to his satisfaction. i am astonished. that was a heinous piece of journalism in my lifetime . where is the columbia journalism review people denouncing this in the culture. imagine if rush limbaugh said that. >> meet the press most david gregory who got a little bit of attention over look. >> let's stipulate that you are right and armed guards might work and widen the argument. this is a magazine foramnition that carries 30 bullets. if we got rid of these and replaced them and only center a mag wreen with five or 10 bullets. isn't it just possible we could reduce the carnage. >> that will not make one
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difference. >> sun hejoe shot up virginia tech with magazines with 10 and that is it standard. you have a problem with what gregory . >> yes, it is just too much. emille of the new york times pointed out david gregory is getting off. they are still investigating . it is illegal what he . but she points to adam mechler who is it a u.s. vet who stumbled in the vfw with ammunition and ended up going to jail having to give a plea bargain and register with the dc. >> you think it was appropriate. >> i am much more angry about david gregory soft ball interview with the president than him holding up a empty magazine clip. >> it is illegal. >> tweet us at fox news watch on twitter. >> and next, which is getting
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more. controversial film about the war on terror or the real war? >> you really believe this story osama bin laden ? >> despite the controversy, the new film about the capture of the bin laden geth media and the ongoing war against al qaeda in afghanistan, not so much. why the lack of interest? details next on news watch.
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part the trailer for the film zero dark 30 . the war on terror and killing of osama bin laden. the movie up for the golden globe's best film and getting media attention. but when it comes to the real war not stow much. pgh research polled americans about the top store storse and the top story of 20 12 was the election and tragic school shooting in newt town and super storm sandy and oil and gas prices. war in afghanistan and u.s. counter terrorism efforts did not make the top 15. judy, does that surprise you? >> it doesn't surprise me but
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press says me. the new york times said the president was getting a recommendation that we should have is will i to 20,000 troops left in afghanistan after the combat withdrawal . that piece didn't make the front page. >> are americans losing interest because of the lack of media oir media not covering because of no interest. >> all i can say it reminds me of vietnam in the early '70s and the public and policy makers lost enthuiasm or interest in the war long before the killing stopped and it was a tragedy that we sent young men over to vietnam after the public turned on to other things. it is it unfortunate and it certainly is a soibering. and you have situations like
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>> it started with the 9/11 attacks . is can the media afford to lose interest? >> absolutely. the depressing sign of disconnection. they were introduced to it via the sex scandal and not the continuing inside are attacks. >> you have issues like iraq that is imploding and moving toward iran, better relationship with iran and in syria 60,000 people dead. we have a media that is all political and not substance. >> up next. you know that little 50-pound thingy at the doctor's office when they weigh you, and they have to move it over? my doctor does not have to do that anymore. [ male announcer ] for every 2 pounds you lose through diet and exercise alli can help you lose one more by blocking some of the fat you eat. feels great. [ male announcer ] simple. effective.
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viewership much al-jazeera going up in the united states because it is real news. you may not agree but you are getting real news insteved commercials and arguments between talking head and the kind of stuff that we do on our news that is not informatives. >> secretary of state clinton sharing her view of al-jazeera. that is referred to as a terrorist network by critics . this week al-jazeera made a deal with al gore and his partners to buy current tv. fasc, far left cable channel that not too membership people were watching.
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mr. global warming sells his tv tv network for a oil producing country. did anybody in the media note the irony there? >> fox news noted and a number of other people did as well. i think it is marvelous that al gore managed to take station nano one watch turned it in to a cash cow. he made a hundred million. al-jazeera is good when it comes to middle eastern news. they broadcast it unlike american news stations . but al-jazeera, the problem is they are not good when it comes to looking in corruption in their own country. >> focus on the corruption of former vice-president selling a tv network for way beyond its value to a foreign oil power . look, i don't want to get brian salter of the new york
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times. global warming guru al gore hypocrite on the tv. that is so potent if the media were doing the job they would take the whole deal apart. >> they will start al-jazeera america and that is it the new name of the chan and he will time warner dropped current tv from the line up. do they have a chance? >> there is it a stigma of al-jazeera from 2003, a lot of americans don't fear that. they had lejet myselfed themselves in the eyes of the american public in the arab spring. >> here is it a quote i love from the wall street journal. glen beck tried to buy current tv and rebuffed because of the legacy of who the network goes to is importantitous and we are sensitive to networks not aligned with our point of view. how does injuries al-jazeera
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fit in? >> same with "newsweek" it is it a political point that outlets are trying to make. i come from the standpoint that all media is biased and al-jazeera is included . you have to balance it out. al-jazeera has come a long way and doing a better job today and you get great foreign news. >> by closing the deal in 20 12, al gore doesn't have to pay such high capitol gains taxes because he got it in for the fiscal cliff deal. that is interesting. thanks to jupedy and rick and dustin and rick. i am john scott. thanks for watch we'll see you again next week. >>. >> gregg: fox news alert on one of the top national security jobs in the administration, fox news is learning that president obama will nominate former
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republican senator chuck hagel to be the next secretary of defense. the announcement expected tomorrow. that setting up a contentious hearing in the u.s. senate. under scrutiny for both sides of the aisle with his positions on israel and iran. more in the developing newscast. >> gregg: hello. i'm gregg jarrett. glad you are with us, welcome to a brand-new hour. >> jamie: i'm surprised. i'm jamie colby. great to have you here, too. topping the news this hour, brand-new battle on congressional leaders take to the airwaves with different ideas thousand solve the massive debt crisis. our political panel has fair and balanced debate ahead. >> gregg: caught on tape, a
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massive brawl involving 200 teenagers and rather unfortunate shoppers and salespeople caught in the middle. >> jamie: plus disgraced cyclist lance armstrong our legal panel weighs if the new reports are true that a public apology from armstrong are coming. >> gregg: new backlash on gun shows after the deaths of 20 children and six adults at sandy hook elementary school last month renewing that gun control debate. now, we are hearing from law abiding gun owners that are deeply concerned about their second amendment rights. >> the 80 million plus gun owners of america are concerned that because of that tragedy the enemies of lawful gun ownership are going to use the tragedy to attempt to pass new and strict regulations on guns. >> lots of people are worried about some of the
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